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Offers hotel Rome with pool

Be certain you’ll be getting the best offers for a Hotel in Rome with a pool when you browse Palazzo Dama’s website. With its privileged location by the banks of the Tiber and some of the most popular landmarks in the Italian capital, our 5 star structure always delivers great value for your money.


By booking through our dedicated section you are guaranteed a welcome drink, sparkling Spumante in your room and the lowest rate available for a sojourn in our welcoming accommodations. Every bedroom and suite in our refined Liberty style villa is a seamless blend of traditional elegance, modern comfort and an inspiring view of the river..


Organize an unforgettable getaway for couples with our Romantic Escape package. You will live a magical sojourn at one of the most beautiful destinations in the world while staying at a luxury structure. This special deal includes buffet breakfast and a 3 course menu and a bottle of wine served at a private terrace, arranged just for you. You could add one of our special tours to add further charm to the experience.


Of course, these offers for a hotel in Rome with a pool comprise access to the garden area, where the swimming pool is located. Enjoy some poolside fun while the gentle shade of olive and lemon trees keeps you fresh.


Check our site often to find out the latest deals we have for you. Book now!