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Hotel in the center of Rome with pool

Summer in Rome is the marvellous cliché you’ve been dreaming of: the warm sun caressing the Eternal City and all its lively colours, culture and beauty that exceed every visitor’s expectations make this the perfect location for an unforgettable holiday. Rome’s magical and captivating emblem is indeed the water that harmoniously and copiously gushes and flows all around the capital city. A precious element that becomes even more enthralling and hypnotic during summer, the secret ingredient for a memorable stay.


A hotel with swimming pool in the centre of Rome is the ideal solution to ensure your holiday isn’t just a simple stay, but rather a celebration of beauty. And Palazzo Dama truly is a celebration of beauty, a hotel in the centre of Rome with a marvellous swimming pool tucked away within a lovely garden. Another reason why this should be your choice for your Roman holidays is the city centre’s traditional architecture. In fact, this hotel is situated at the centre of an urban quadrilateral consisting of LungoteverePiazza del Popolo, Pincio and Trinità dei Monti, the fulcrum of the city.


Yet if you think that prime location is the only perk of this hotel with swimming pool in the centre of Rome, you’re in for a surprise. By booking online, you’ll be guaranteed the best prices on the market and optimal cancellation conditions. Stay at Palazzo Dama and celebrate Roman beauty in the heart of the Eternal City.