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PACIFICO brings to Rome its sophisticated Peruvian-Nikkei menu
PACIFICO is the iconic restaurant brand of the celebrated Chef Jaime Pesaque.

The Chef chose Palazzo Dama as the place in Rome to debut his sophisticated Peruvian-Nikkei cuisine, making this his second restaurant in Italy following his successful launch in Milan. PACIFICO serves lunch and dinner in the restaurant and, in season, outdoors in the hotel’s poolside garden. A unique food proposal, full of vivid personality and delicious ingredient combinations.

Some signature PACIFICO dishes are: the state-of-the art Ceviche, a must-have dish by Pesaque that is recognized as one of the best in the world; the Revisited Tiradito, a raw fish salad, and the wide range of meats, including the famous Wagyu Carpaccio.

The atmosphere is dominated by magnificent crystal chandeliers that decorate the airy atmosphere of the restaurant. Sparkling tones spotlight lush palms with a cascade of light, setting a perfect mood to savor impeccable dishes.

An alternative menu is also available all day in the common areas of the hotel and from room service, featuring Chef Pesaque’s creative approach to international flavors.

For reservations : +39 06 3207042