At Palazzo Dama, no request is too extreme. Guests can contact our dedicated, round-the-clock staff to ensure that all their needs and desires are fulfilled 24-7.

Extensive services can be enjoyed from the comfort of our rooms or in any of the hotel’s inviting spaces. Tempt yourself with a range of amusements that encourage you to experience little slices of luxury and moments of distinct relaxation.

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At Palazzo Dama, Rome becomes a playground where a myriad of tailored activities allow our guests to encounter the delights of the city. Our concierge will gladly arrange a custom tour or a behind-the-scenes experience at any hour of the day. If you are interested please contact:

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A highly curated selection of beauty and wellness treatments are available from the comfort of our guest’s own rooms and can be arranged either during the time of reservation or at a moment’s notice. A fitness center outfitted with the latest Technogym equipment is also available 24 hours a day.


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